No More Stinky Shoes in the House!

If people wear shoes in your home, it’s almost guaranteed that you are going to have stinky sneakers nearby at some point or another. Although this can be distressing, there is a homemade solution that can help to remove the smell and it will do so quickly and easily.


In order to get started with this homemade remedy, you will need the following items…

Old pantyhose or a thin pair of socks

Baking soda

Essential oil (optional)

Some string or twine

The first step is to create a bag out of the old socks or pantyhose. Scoop in some baking soda and if you decide to use essential oil, add it at this point. Tie off the homemade bag with the ingredients inside to avoid spillage.

Slip these little wonder bags into your shoes and they will work their magic quickly!

(Source: One Good Thing)