DIY Plastic Storage Drawers


Looking for more storage space? How about adding some colorful plastic storage drawers to rooms all over your home instead of just the plain white label ones? Here is the perfect project for you! These DIY Plastic Storage Drawers are really easy to make yourself. All that is really required is basic products that can be found at your local craft store as well as some plastic drawers which you can purchase at your local Walmart. Lets start by giving you a list of what is required.


Materials required (All available for purchase at A.C. Moore, Beverly’s, Meijer, Michaels, and other fine retailers):
– Americana Acrylics 2oz – Sea Glass
– Americana Acrylics 2oz – Banana Cream
– Americana Acrylics 2oz – Melon
– Americana Acrylics 2oz – Whispering Turquoise
– Plastic Drawers (Available at Walmart)


1. Wash all of your containers that you purchased at your local Walmart or other department stores.
2. Prep your fabric with some of your decoupage on your wax paper and make sure you do not leave it very long, only 20 minutes maxs
3. After 20 minutes just move it to another piece of wax paper so it has more time to drys
4. While your fabric is drying, start creating your templates for the front of your drawers with a pen and right after start cut them out.
5. Once it is cut out, apply a thin coat of decoupage to the front of the drawer and the back of the fabric and place the fabric on the drawer.
6. Make sure the front is pushed flat against the drawer front so it feels smooth and apply over the top.
7. While you are waiting for things to dry, take your favorite material such as wood in oval shapes and paint with some acrylic paints and make sure the color matches or contrasts your drawer that you will be adding labels to.
8. Use a Marker or Micron pen to write the labels.
9. Stand the drawers on end and attach the oval labels with some crafting glue and then allow those to dry.
10. Enjoy your colorful labeled Plastic Storage Drawers.